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AMOUNT RAISED AS OF 08/09/2019 $19,033.00

CLICK ^^^ 100% ^^^TO DONATE!

CLICK ^^^ 100% ^^^TO DONATE!

2018 Post

I believe after 2013 I said I wouldn't be doing this again.  Are you sensing a pattern here? :)  Yeah...I lied again.  There's just too many people in my life affected by cancer right now, and I'd like to raise even more money for Stand Up to Cancer.  Instead of just asking people to donate, I have decided to ask that you donate to Stand Up to Cancer an amount as little as 1.16 cents per mile that I will ride in July.  That's five bucks.  That's right- one less trip to Starbucks gets you the power of making me pedal across an entire state, the long way. 428 miles.  Just click the 100% picture above and it will take you directly to my team page.

2013 Post

I said I wouldn't do this agin for at least 10 years. I lied. I'm doing it to try and raise more money for SU2C and in memory of Billy Jo. I will likely cover my bike in labels to ride in honor of others who died, survived, or are fighting cancer. Those names helped me up a shit-ton of hills in 2011.

My new goal is to have $15,000 raised total by my team, and that goal was reached by mid-July 2013. Donations continue to pour in after that, and I cannot express my thanks enough for everyone that donated.

2011 Post

In late 2010, I chose SU2C as the charity to ride for, as 100% of your donations go to research, not administration or advertising. This is very important to me.

There are several people in my life either currently battling cancer or having battled it in the past. Some have won, some have not. I'm riding for all of them. From my beautiful wife, who has been battling Ovarian Cancer for more than 17 years and it finally has her on the ropes, to my mother who is currently in remission from Breast Cancer, to the many friends, each fighting their own fight.

There were 454 miles in 2011 RAGBRAI (the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). I did 485.

My goal was to raise $3,000 and thanks to you we far exceeded it.