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UPDATE:  I successfully completed RAGBRAI.
485 miles, $5354.40 raised as of 8/5/11. 

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Original Post:

I had heard of RAGBRAI a few years ago but never thought of it being something I'd be able to accomplish.  After this full season of riding, completing a century when I didn't think it was possible, and reading journals of those who have participated in it before, I placed it on my bucket list and I am going to do it in 2011. 

For those unfamiliar, RAGBRAI stands for Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.  The Register is the name of the Des Moines newspaper. 

It's bicycling 454 miles west to east across Iowa the last full week of July.  With thousands of other people.  It really looks like a great time, an adventure, and quite a challenge to be sure, since the most miles I've ridden in a week is about 185.  This would add another 300 or so on top of that.  Plus, I'd be sleeping in a tent all week.  But the chance to do something like this has captivated me.   I need to set some kind of fitness-related goals next year, and here's one staring me in the face.  Plus, there's food, fun, beer, and new people to meet.  What's not to like?  Also, I have one more week of vacation than Billy Jo, so I don't even have to subject her to driving across Iowa wasting a week of vacation!

I'm also planning on raising money for cancer research as I ride.  I'm hoping friends and family can help me raise at least $3,000 by donating a nickel or dime for every mile I ride during RAGBRAI.  The organization I will raise funds for is SU2C (Stand Up to Cancer).  More info can be found on the SU2C page. Click here