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Quick Friday Update

Gonna make this a quick one as I'm in the cellphone lot waiting to pick up Auntie Julie :) Billy Jo had another rough day and it started early. While I was showering she went to use the other bathroom upstairs. She had a case of the "walking farts" that turned ugly just short of the toilet.

Yes, the girl who has had so much trouble going at all for the past two months had explosive diarrhea. Just what she needed :(

She slept more, and Erin came today too. I'm glad that Taylor (our niece for new readers) was here for that. She is having a hard time with this and I've been trying to get her to talk with her and she finally did. We are very proud of her.

That's it for now. Quick, yes, but no way am I doing one later tonight. I'm tired and all available energy will be used to visit with Auntie Julie.

I told her that she gets to spend the next two nights snuggling with Billy Jo- I'm couching it and won't take no for an answer.

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Billy's Little Guardian

I'm very thankful Wrigley can visit with Billy Jo. She just can't stay overnight. No worries- I'll take her home, our neighbor will let her out, and our friend Jodi works here and will bring her back in the morning :) They've given Billy Jo more meds to help with pain and nausea. She ate some chicken soup and is sleeping now.

I have the night off for giving her the meds- they've locked them all up and will administer them. I hope to sleep straight through morning.

Doctor comes in the morning to further evaluate.

It's very nice here. If it wasn't so shitty outside I'd take a walk.

That's all for now unless I do another one later.

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Finished the Book

I just finished that book I mentioned a day or two ago,  "Still Have Faith" - written by a guy whose wife fought breast cancer for 17 years.

I related to a lot in the book, but there were differences too - he had many other family members die during that time, they had kids, they had a lengthy remission period, and as the title suggests, he is quite religious.

Still - it was a good read, and good to know many of my feelings aren't unusual.  I'm forever glad I saw that comment suggesting it on the otherwise worthless op/ed NY Times piece.

I highlighted the shit out of that Kindle book. 132 highlights, to be precise.


Billy Jo Late post.

I was able to get up today.  Denises, Steph, and Jess came over to show me pics from Jess's homecoming.  We watched TV and chit chatted.  They left and I was able to shower.  Jackie came over.  She helped clean my house. We attempted to watch a house hunters and both passed out.   Neither on could tell what house they picked.  Yes we know it is staged but it sucks when that happens.  I woke up and came down to Sherri's happy face.  We watched a show called scared straight and it was one of the train wrecks.

It's Huggy Bear Time!

We arrived home from our little trip to Walmart to find a box on our porch. Dave immediately states "I will pick it up". I rolled my eyes and walked over to it because he has to let me out to park.The box was stamped with

I said I think I will be able to get this. He picks it up just to check and hands it over. I get it open and find a fancy wrapped box. I can see the are Serious now

I was looking for a card after I found all the trinkets. Finally the card on the other hand was not stuck together and this is what I found.

Thanks so much Aunt Judy and Family.

I have received such great cards trinkets and etc from everyone. Thanks again.