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Blowing the dust off of Pedal Another Mile

Well, hello :)

So yes, it’s been some time since I have done ANYTHING to this blog other than continue to pay the hosting fees.  Why do I continue to pay them? A few reasons... but most importantly I keep this site up because it can be found by people who it somehow may help.   I have received emails from people all over the world letting me know that somehow the words I typed on this blog helped them in some way get through a similar rough time.  These emails have of course dwindled over time, as dormant blogs do not generate much traffic, but I think that the annual hosting fees are a small price to pay if I can help just one person out of the seven-plus billion on this earth cope with what may be some of the roughest times in their life.

Another reason I keep this website online is that I know there are many family members and friends that go back and read the posts, especially if they pop up on “on this day” reminders in Facebook.  Personally, I have yet, over five years later, gone back to read anything I wrote in the six months surrounding Billy Jo’s death.  Someday I will, but that day has not arrived yet.  People still say that I should write a book, and I don’t know if I ever will, but if I do it may include my reactions of revisiting these blog posts for the first time since writing them.

So what has been going on with my life and what has made me decide to give this site a new coat of paint and new content?   Stay tuned... and I promise it will not be four plus years until my next post. :)

Well, this looks different.

Welcome to the new site. I hope you like it.

I stayed up until 5:30am and then was back up at 7:00 to give Billy Jo her methadone, and have been up since. Yikes.. More about the site in a minute, but first a Billy Jo update.

Since I was awake the whole night I got to see just how badly she's hurting. She has new pains near both hips as well as in the pelvic region. She's been using the pain button quite a bit. This pain doesn't seem to want to go away. She's able to sleep, but I can tell she's hurting. I even pressed it a few times for her so she'd be able to sleep longer without pain waking her up. I debated calling hospice but until we are hitting that button six times an hour and it isn't working, there's not much they can do. Maybe the nurse will up the constant dosage when she comes tomorrow.

She hasn't had any more diarrhea explosions which is good.

She's currently asleep with Wrigley tucked away nicely under her arm.

I'm sure I'll post another update tonight as usual.

Now, onto the site.

I've been having nothing but trouble the past few weeks with my webhost so I decided to look around for an alternative. I was also sick of Wordpress and the constant updating that was required due to security flaws or plugins that broke everything.

This led me to look into Squarespace. I love the ease of use, they update everything themselves, I have unlimited storage and bandwidth, the site really looks well on mobile devices, tech support answers in minutes not hours, and well I could go on and on. Yes it's more expensive but I think in the long run it's worth it. The difference in cost is negated by one less fast food meal a month.

About the only thing that will be missing from the other site is new post notifications by SMS text message. I simply cannot figure out a way to do it without paying an ungodly amount every month to do so. Seeing how only about a dozen people signed up for this service, it just isn't cost effective. It would cost more per month than this whole site.

But fear not! There are plenty of ways to get updates when new posts occur. Just head on over to the tools page, where you can be notified by facebook, twitter, RSS, or email.

I also started a "brand page" for the site on Facebook. I'm not quite sure what the hell it does as I started it at o'dark-thirty, but it is a way to get updated on Facebook without being friends.

I still have photo galleries to figure out, but those can wait a while. I am quite tired right now. Still, I'm glad I did this last night - it was good to clear my mind of everything except the determination to get this up and running by this morning.

Now, let's see how good the notifications work. First post jitters!