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Blowing the dust off of Pedal Another Mile

Well, hello :)

So yes, it’s been some time since I have done ANYTHING to this blog other than continue to pay the hosting fees.  Why do I continue to pay them? A few reasons... but most importantly I keep this site up because it can be found by people who it somehow may help.   I have received emails from people all over the world letting me know that somehow the words I typed on this blog helped them in some way get through a similar rough time.  These emails have of course dwindled over time, as dormant blogs do not generate much traffic, but I think that the annual hosting fees are a small price to pay if I can help just one person out of the seven-plus billion on this earth cope with what may be some of the roughest times in their life.

Another reason I keep this website online is that I know there are many family members and friends that go back and read the posts, especially if they pop up on “on this day” reminders in Facebook.  Personally, I have yet, over five years later, gone back to read anything I wrote in the six months surrounding Billy Jo’s death.  Someday I will, but that day has not arrived yet.  People still say that I should write a book, and I don’t know if I ever will, but if I do it may include my reactions of revisiting these blog posts for the first time since writing them.

So what has been going on with my life and what has made me decide to give this site a new coat of paint and new content?   Stay tuned... and I promise it will not be four plus years until my next post. :)

Very Quick Update

Hi all. Been having website issues again. I'm working on a complete redesign right now because I am suffering from premature insomnia. Billy Jo is "ok" - a few new pains have popped up. She has spent all day sleeping on and off in bed (but then again so have I, hence the desire to redo the website).

The next few days may be very wonky on this site. At the very least I will update on Facebook. Those of you without facebook, ask someone with facebook to update you if the site is down ;)

Email subscription option

I said last week I'd figure it out for those of you not on Facebook or Twitter.  I think I have now.  In the sidebar at the top there's a place to enter your email.  This will take you to a feedburner page to enter a code to prove you're not a spambot.  They will email you a link to click to finalize.  Then, if any posts are made that day an email will be sent to you between 7 & 9 pm central time.  I can't figure out a way for immediate emails...sorry. You can also follow my twitter @davebrink  - those are instantaneous, as are the facebook cross-posts.

That should cover everyone...


Unless I figure out an SMS notification and how to make the site look good on a phone without a lot of programming.  I don't have the time or strength for that shit!


UPDATE  - SMS updates are live.  Fill in your Phone #, carrier, and answer the math question in the far right sidebar..  The messages will come from a goofy email address, but with a link to the new post.  Standard texting rates from your carrier will apply.

UPDATE TWO - Go to from a smartphone... main posts appear in a much easier to read format.

"Along for the ride"

I had an idea months ago to use a laminated label maker to print names of people who are cancer survivors, have had cancer and are in remission, have cancer and are currently fighting it, or died as a result of cancer. I plan to stick them on my bike for next week's ride so they are all "with me" on the ride.

A donation isn't necessary (but it would be appreciated!) - just let me know the name of the person, their relation to you, and if they are a survior, in remission, currently fighting cancer, or if it is in memory of someone.

I'll print them up until I have no room left on the bike.

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you who donated to my Stand Up to Cancer team for this ride, it's the least I could do.

Is Winter Back? and other musings

This weather is just awful. My attempt at 30daysofbiking ended on Friday. 35-45 mph winds and sporadic rain, plus the fact that our screen house in the yard was damaged and needed attention before it was totally destroyed. The winds haven't really dropped, the temps haven't gotten out of the 40s, and it's been pouring like hell. I've decided to not ride any of these days. I wouldn't enjoy a bit of it and I don't want to burn out. So I made it 14 days in a row for April plus the last 5 of March. 19 days in a row ain't bad, even if some of those days were only a mile or two. I rode 262.68 miles in that span.

In other news, I went to Performance last Thursday for a bike fitting, just to see if there was any way to make my rides more comfortable, especially those over 30 miles. A few seat adjustments were made as well as the placement of the cleats. He also recommended a shorter stem. It will most likely help a lot with my neck/shoulder/upper back stiffness and soreness on longer rides. It will also help with my breathing and allow me to use the drops more often. I had to order the part and will hopefully get it put on tomorrow. I hope I'm able to try it out before Iowa ;). Non-bike-fit related, I will most likely be switching to a larger outer chain ring in the near future, which will allow higher speeds downhill. This will make it more like the gearing on a road bike instead of a cross bike, and I'll finally be able to go faster than 29/30 mph :)

Lastly - I'm writing this post from a cool new iPad app called Blogsy, which I spent a few weeks beta testing, and which is now available in the App Store. It's the only real option for blogging on the iPad and I like it quite a bit.