Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Ok can't sleep

It's like the day before you go away on vacation. Jittery, mind racing, etc. the only thing different is I wouldn't add 'excitement' to the list. I desperately want us to go home, but I am not excited about it. This is a trip which has no return date.

It will be the end of an amazing journey, of the life of an amazing woman.

Thankfully, the memories that last from trips, vacations, and journeys are some of the strongest, just due to the difference from everyday life. Therefore the memories of her will thrive.

I am finally at peace with not being able to keep my promise of getting her to Florida one last time, and the reason I'm at peace with it is because Florida came to her. Aunt Jan, Auntie Julie, cousin Melisa, niece Anjelika. The amount of energy these angels were able to pump into Billy Jo is nothing short of remarkable. Except for the IV stand, there were glimpses of just two short weeks ago... a tired and in a bit of pain Billy Jo. Normal Billy Jo.

I am forever grateful they were able to make it up here. I worry about when they leave in 12 hours. I worry about how gut-wrenching it will be. It's likely the reason I'm lying here awake and typing this on my phone. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. They brought Florida to my Billy Jo and I love them all.