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Email subscription option

I said last week I'd figure it out for those of you not on Facebook or Twitter.  I think I have now.  In the sidebar at the top there's a place to enter your email.  This will take you to a feedburner page to enter a code to prove you're not a spambot.  They will email you a link to click to finalize.  Then, if any posts are made that day an email will be sent to you between 7 & 9 pm central time.  I can't figure out a way for immediate emails...sorry. You can also follow my twitter @davebrink  - those are instantaneous, as are the facebook cross-posts.

That should cover everyone...


Unless I figure out an SMS notification and how to make the site look good on a phone without a lot of programming.  I don't have the time or strength for that shit!


UPDATE  - SMS updates are live.  Fill in your Phone #, carrier, and answer the math question in the far right sidebar..  The messages will come from a goofy email address, but with a link to the new post.  Standard texting rates from your carrier will apply.

UPDATE TWO - Go to from a smartphone... main posts appear in a much easier to read format.