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A step back

Well it hasn't been too good today. Still no poop, and she's dealing with a lot of pain from yesterday's procedure. In addition to the back area, her neck is sore from the way they had her laying during the surgery. The doctor who performed the procedure said the continued pain was likely from the cancer in L4. It doesn't like to be messed with, and this procedure certainly did just that. He said it would go away but will take some time. He also showed us some of the images on the computer of her back, explaining everything. He did take a biopsy of the inside of L4, but only because he was in there... there is no doubt it's cancerous. Those completely unsurprising results will be back later in the week.

The incisions are much smaller than I thought... there will be no bragging about these scars (one on each side of the spine):


One of the oncologists also came in today and he's not entirely convinced there's still not a bowel obstruction. If she isn't pooping by tomorrow morning he is going to order another CT-scan. I asked about giving the stuff that you have to take before a colonoscopy, and he said that that wouldn't happen until we were absolutely sure there was no obstruction, because if there was, that stuff would basically guarantee perforation, and that is bad bad news.

So in closing, it's been a tough day. We napped in that uncomfortable POS hospital bed together for a few hours this afternoon. It's no wonder she's in pain... that thing sucks.

Monday (right before my bike ride) we also had a really good lengthy talk with the social worker from her Palliative Care team. I credit her with really getting me to start talking about how I feel about all this, something I used to just keep in, because "it's going ok but could be better" when asked was easier than facing it.  The thing is, it wasn't helping me (or the person who asked). There's a lengthy post about that coming soon.