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Monday morning update

We are still at the hospital.  She is feeling better abdomen-wise.  The original bowel obstruction has cleared itself.  Surgery will NOT be needed.  This is the best news we could hope for.  The problem is that she's severely constipated due to all the pain meds.  Her palliative care doctor is prescribing something in a bit (forgot the name) that reverses the side effects of narcotics in the GI tract.  Hopefully this helps her go.  At that point she will be upgraded from ice chips only to a clear liquid diet. The results of the bone density scan are back.  This is where things get confusing.  We've been reading the last few PET-scan reports that say that she has cancerous growth in L1 of her back.  An x-ray last week showed a compression fracture in L4, thus the bone density scan on Saturday afternoon.  Of course, no one read it over weekend, but it's been read now.  Here's the fucked up part- L1 is clear.  L4 has cancerous growth that caused the collapse.  Now, there's no explanation for why L1 is magically cleared, other than a series of transcription errors.  I mean, this is an advancing cancer... it is not going to suddenly decide in two months to pack up everything in L1 and move down the block.

As I was typing this we found out she is a candidate to get it cemented/fixed.  This may greatly help with her pain.  It is a twilight sedation and apparently a fairly "easy" surgery.  It is scheduled for tomorrow.  Unsure of the time.

Aside from that, as soon as that is taken care of and ALL the plumbing is functional again, she should be able to start Avastin shortly.  I will go into detail later about what this entails.  Short version: it's our hail mary pass, and surgery would have delayed it 6-8 weeks.




Apparently the Doctor performing the procedure tomorrow will be doing it to both L1 and L4.  Now I'm even more confused.


*UPDATED AGAIN*  11:18am

Saw the doctor that is going to do the procedure.  It is L4 only.  It was never L1.  That was a transcription error.  He just beat her up on accident while checking the rest of her back.  He hit a very sore spot up high that he had no idea about and her pain is back to a 10 :(  - we know he didn't know and didn't mean it but that wasn't fun.  She's been given painkillers now so hopefully it goes away soon.