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Day 6: Grinnell to Coralville - 76.21 miles

Up at 3:00 am, out the door at 4.  Dan drove me the 100 miles back to Grinnell, where I started right at 6am.  It was very foggy to begin.  So foggy that at times visibility was only a few hundred feet.  This proved to be particularly bad on the hills - I had no idea how long/high they were!  Of course, the fog burned off by 7 or so, but the humidity stuck around as it had all week.

Before I even stopped for breakfast I knocked the rear-view mirror off my sunglasses and heard them immediately get run over.  Oh well.

While the first half of the ride had some hills, there was a lot of downhills that never had an upside.  This was nice.

The day really started heating up.  I pulled into the Amana Colonies town of Homestead to refill my water bottles at the Air National Guard truck.  I got a text message from Dan that they were 3 miles away.  This boosted my mood greatly!  It was awesome that they got to experience RAGBRAI a bit and I took an extended break to hang out with them.

I still had 20 miles to go so I took off again.  About half of the hills for the day were still ahead of me.

Riding into Coralville was really cool.  Their theme for RAGBRAI was "Tailgate Tested, Tailgate Approved."  Friday was college day on RAGBRAI and Coralville really went all out.  The last mile or so into town was all college signs and grills lining the street.  It was an awesome sight.  One, of course, that my GoPro failed to capture because of a malfunction :(.

I pulled into a grocery store parking lot and waited for my support team to come whisk me away to the hotel, 60 miles away.  While I waited I ate a delicious piece of watermelon.

Once showered, we went out to eat.  I had 5 tacos and washed them down with a giant mug of Dos Equis.  It was glorious.  After that I spent some time soaking in the hot tub and then went to sleep, determined to finish this thing.

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