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Day 4: Boone to Altoona - 59.03 Miles

I left Boone at 6 am ahead of some rather nasty looking clouds to the west.  The order of the day was to hopefully stay ahead of the rain.  Mission accomplished on that end.  I'm not sure if it ever rained on the route but I didn't see any of it.  The early clouds were nice.  I must have still been sleeping because I have no recollection of the first town, Luther, whatsoever.  It was about 23 miles before I stopped for breakfast in Slater - Apple Cinnamon Nut French Toast and a yogurt parfait.

After leaving there the wind kicked up as well as the heat.  The last 3 days, consisting of 225 miles, the two biggest climb days of my life, and a century finally caught up with me.  I basically bonked at mile 50 heading into Bondurant, a small town just north of the end town of Altoona.  I bought an ice cream sandwich and laid down in a front yard right next to a generator.  I couldn't care less about the noise.  I was spent.  After a 15 minute rest I got up and finished the last 7 miles.  I pulled into PBV camp where I was met with a heat index of 110.  The park was quite far from all the RAGBRAI activities again.  I guess that's the price they pay for being so successful - it must become an issue fitting all these people somewhere in a town.  Also, there wasn't a hint of shade for miles.  I was so glad I was only 5-6 hours away from being in an air conditioned hotel room.

A little before 5 pm Billy Jo, Tanya, and our doggie Wrigley showed up.  After the GPS getting confused and having us drive circles around the hotel for 20 minutes, we were finally in the room.  I might just be able to finish this thing now.

Day 4 pics

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