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Day 2: Atlantic to Carroll - 64.69 miles

On my Day 1 post I mentioned I had never climbed so much in one day.  That record was short lived.  Today was even more hills.

The day started off foggy but most of it burned off quickly.  I pulled into the town of Elk Horn looking for some breakfast.  There was a big windmill, military vehicles, and mermaids!  I opted to support the fire department by eating their biscuits and gravy and pancakes.  Unfortunately it took a while to get through the line, and that was only for the biscuits and gravy.  You had to get back in a much longer line for the pancakes.

Entering the town of Templeton I had an opportunity to shift into the big ring up front.  A horrible noise started and the chain started slipping.  A $5 stop at a mobile bike shop had me on my way again.  I rode past the Templeton Rye plant, who were happily giving samples and tours.  I declined both - it wasn't going to get any cooler, and I didn't need any alcohol in me at all while riding.

It was another very hot & humid day.  The hills never quit.  Some of these are quite big, too - 9-10%ers.  Way more than I'm used to.  The hills leading into the town of Willey (pop. 103) were insane.  Still, it was very beautiful terrain - much more interesting than I'm used to.

The campground for Pork Belly Ventures was at Swan Lake State Park, a few miles outside Carroll.  I got in early enough for a prime spot for my tent - up against a 15-20 tall/wide bush, which would at least keep the tent in the shade for the remainder of the day.  Still, shade cannot help the humidity.

Upon getting into Glenwood on Saturday I had scheduled a 30 minute massage for after Monday's ride.  I figured I'd need it after two days of more hills than I had ever dealt with before.  It was definitely worth it.

I had purchased the optional dinner for tonight and was glad I did - the shuttle service seemed erratic and there were no other food options at the State Park.  $10 got me a pork chop, corn on the cob, potatoes, and several different salads.

I caught the first set of a band before heading to the tent.

Pics from Day 2:

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