Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Day 0 - Glenwood

4am: (I was woken up by high winds and saw the phone was working again so here's the notes I took yesterday with no data connection) Oh my god the humidity. It makes Florida feel as dry as the desert. I was soaked through and through. Apparently it's the last day of it this bad. I hope so.

Tent set up easily, of course I had a little help from my friend Bill from the cycling group at

Internet-phones shit the bed quickly. Texts sometimes work.

Tornado sirens went off about 6. No tornado, thankfully but it cooled it down a little. Then the cops said high winds and hail were coming, so I'm now sitting next to the shelter waiting for hell that may or may not break loose. Can't check the radar because internet doesn't work. (update. - never materialized)

Saw a B2 stealth bomber go overhead. Cool!

Checked out the expo, picked up my t-shirt and the DVD of the documentary "A Million Spokes".

Screw the "dip pool". I'm not going looking for it :)

Dinner was pasta w/meat sauce, salad, bread, lemonade, and banana for $7. Pretty good.

I turned in quite early since I've been up since 2 am.

What an adventurous day 0!

3pm: I'm here. It's raining. We are still sitting on the bus. Thanks to twitter we were able to avoid a nasty backup on I-80. Internet seems to be ok in places but drops and comes back a lot.

A charter employee told me why porta-potties are called kybos. Keep your butt off seat. Makes sense!