Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Update from Billy Jo on his progress.

Dave has made it so far. The heat is killing them all.Monday he did 64.7 miles 4091 feet of climb. His words were "fuck hills". They traveled from Atlantic to Carroll.They camped at a state park Monday night. Today his route was from Carroll to Boon. He could have just done the 70.9 miles but he changed his mind at the last second and did the extra loop. Today he rode 101.7 miles in 95 degree heat. He said it was his way of saying thanks for donating to Su2c. The last half was really rough and even though he spent 7.5 hours suffering it is nothing compared to spending time in a chemo chair. I did get to talk to him tonight via phone. He sounds EXHAUSTED. He has his mattress outside of his tent because it is just too hot. Someone walked by with ice and he yelled to her where did you get ice? Ice is like gold to them right now. They have not seen ice in days. Tanya and I will be going out to get him from his end point tomorrow and take him back to our hotel. He will be sleeping in A/C and have a real shower! He is very very very excited about that. I lov him, & miss him. I am SO PROUD of him!