Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Mostly Packed. Ready to go.

My awesome wife and I spent most of Sunday afternoon getting things together for the trip.  It has allowed me to sleep a little this week.  I won't have to worry about forgetting something if I know it's all ready to go already.  Everything is bagged up in giant ziplocs, gallon-sized freezer bags, or garbage bags.  Bike clothes are bagged for individual days and bagged again. I hope this is enough mojo to keep the rain away.

Of course, I had to take the geeky way of doing a checklist - a google document spreadsheet.  If it's not already in a bag, it's on this list and will be in a bag come Friday afternoon.

Yes, I more than likely overpacked, especially since I am taking advantage of the optional mid-week laundry service.  A tall kitchen bag full of stinky clothes returned nice and clean for a $15 donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Sounds like a bargain to me!