Pedal Another Mile

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07/17/11 - 42.42 Miles

This was my last moderately distanced ride before RAGBRAI.  It was quite hot and humid but I didn't let that stop me.  Somehow, despite putting on 20-25 pounds since last cycling season, my strentgh and endurance are much much better.  I was able to hang the entire ride with the level IV guys on the JBC group ride today, taking several turns at the front of the paceline as well.  Today turned out to be my fastest ride of 2011 and second fastest overall - an 18.4 average.  For some reason my HR monitor AND cadence sensor crapped out after the rest stop in Morris.  Whether or not it was simultaneous dead batteries or just a glitch, it was a good reminder to replace the batteries before the trip.  I'm sure it wouldn't be too easy to find CR-2032 button batteries in small-town Iowa :)