Pedal Another Mile

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Another 4 rides this week.

Not really worthy of separate posts, but I've ridden four times this week totaling 127 miles.  I decided to consolidate it in one post.  I'll most likely ride with the Club tomorrow as well and then it's rest mode for RAGBRAI.  I might do a 10-miler on Wednesday to keep the legs moving.

There's a lengthy heat wave about to settle in over the midwest.  I hope it breaks before RAGBRAI starts!

7/12/11 - 16.63 miles

An after-work ride.  I was tired, it was windy.  Enough said :)

7/14/11 - 23.00 Miles

A rare before-work ride.  I had a meeting at night so I was going in late.  Much nicer time than after-work rides...that's for sure.  Not as windy.  I did my normal farm loop ride, just in reverse.

7/15/11 - 40.03 Miles

I had a vacation day today so I decided to ride the Centennial Trail again.  Beautiful day- not too hot, not at all windy.  I had nothing else planned for the day so on the way back I took the turn to do the Cook County I&M Trail as well.  I did the western loop of that one twice before finishing my return of the Centennial.  A nice 40 mile day.  Here's a quick time-lapse of the ride:

7/16/11 - 47.27 Miles

I rode to Mather Woods for a JBC group ride.  We took a different route to Yorkville - one I had never taken before.  That was a nice change.  The weather was pretty good again - no wind at all, cool and cloudy.  It was very humid though, so stops were a bit uncomfortable.