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Catching Up!

Well it's been a busy few weeks.  Finished our vacation, drove home for two days, and right back to work, where two weeks of backlogged tasks and a computer problem welcomed me back.  A corrupted external hard drive at home took a few evenings away as well.  Anyways, I wanted to put up a few words about the rides I've taken since my last post. 

06/27/11 - 37.62 Miles

I decided to ride a different part of A1A than last time.  Part of it was a good choice, most of it wasn't.  The very very southern tip of Merritt Island has a 4.5 mile stretch of road between the Indian and Banana Rivers, named Tropical Trail.  There are quite nice homes along this route and it appears to be a former mango grove, as many people sell them roadside.  Very low vehicle traffic.  Quite perfect for riding, actually, except for it's short length.  I did the ride and return and decided to head east to A1A and then south.  A1A here was not like the A1A I enjoyed the first time.  Four lanes, no bike lane, and morning rush hour in Indian Harbour Beach.  It was quite unpleasant.  It cleared up a bit past Indiatlantic, but my riding mood was ruined.  I turned around fairly quickly and decided to do the Tropical Trail a second time.  That was enough for today.

A peacock on Tropical Trail.  No, it didn't attack me :)


07/01/11 70.16 Miles

Back to the safety of the section of A1A I rode the first day.  I parked at the State Park again and set off north for about 16 miles before turning around and heading 32-33 miles south.  The heat and humidity were the worst of the three rides I took.  My favorite place in the world became the beach shower at Golden Sands Park. 


I stopped there both ways to cool off, dunking my head under it.  By the time I went over the inlet bridge I was only a few miles short of 70 so I rode past the car enough to reach it.  As I was pulling up to the truck it starting raining lightly.  It felt wonderful!  Anyway - longest ride of the year so far, and the one that put me over 5,000 miles since I started riding in 2008.  20% of the way to my ultimate goal!

All in all, I was very very pleased with my bike riding experience in Florida and can't wait to do it again.  If I happen to be here in the winter when it's cooler and I have my bike with me, I think I'll try for a 100-miler on A1A.

As with the first ride, I captured video of these as well.  I have over ten hours of footage to get me through the awful basement bike-on-the-trainer rides when it's 4 degrees outside. 170 miles of Florida by bike :)

07/09/11 - 46.23 Miles

On what might have been the most perfect morning to ride this year, only Janet showed up for the JBC group ride.  I was so happy to see her, as was she to see me.  Going to a group ride only to ride alone sucks!  We had a nice ride to Yorkville and back.  I rode to the start point instead of driving so it was a decent mileage total overall.

RAGBRAI is in less than two weeks!!!!