Pedal Another Mile

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62.24 Miles - 06/25/11 - an A1A metric.

Today was the first ride after 8 days out of the saddle, due to a few issues - last Friday I needed to rest for Saturday's Warrior Dash (a post I'll eventually get around to), Saturday was Warrior Dash, Sunday was recovery mode from Warrior Dash.  Monday & Tuesday were packing and getting ready for our vacation, and Wednesday & Thursday were driving days.  I would have loved to ride yesterday but just didn't have the energy after two nights of little sleep.

So yesterday we went on a drive to look out some areas for biking and when I got back last night I spent some time mapping out routes.  Bicycling around where we are staying doesn't look too safe at all - no shoulders, narrow roads, etc. - and Florida is notorious for killing it's bicyclists, so I picked A1A, a 30ish mile drive, but well worth it.  Designated bike lanes and not an abundance of vehicles. 

I woke up at 5:15 thinking I'd ride by 6:15, but Florida doesn't have as wild of swings in sunrise/sunset times that I'm used to, and it was still dark.  I parked at Sebastian Inlet State Park, which cost $4, but at least I didn't have to worry about being towed or anything.  Plus, I don't mind paying for State Park usage, as it helps keep them open, especially in this shitty economy.  I was riding by 7:15, south on A1A.

I love A1A - we drove it for 200 miles several years ago. It took 6 hours but I like driving it and like looking at the ridiculously lavish beach houses.  The chance to ride it at a much slower pace than in a car was too good to pass up.  Not a shock to anyone - Florida is as hilly as a pool table.  There are NONE.  The only elevation gain you're going to experience around here is going over a bridge.

My original goal was to do 31 miles south and then turn around.  At mile 24 I needed to refill my water bottles and the sky was looking iffy.  I decided to head back north and see how I was doing at mile 48 before committing to anything further.  It is late June in Florida, after all, and it was going to really heat up soon.  Along the way I stopped at a 7-Eleven to refill bottles and get some food (sugar!) in me.

About 5 miles from the car I turned into the Golden Sands beach parking lot to fill up my water bottles again and spotted a beach shower.  I ran my head under it and that was the deciding factor - I was going for a metric.  What the hell - it's not like I'll be able to ride this whenever I wanted - I could suffer a little.  I'd have to ride past the car 7 miles and turn around to end up with 62 (100km).  I went over the bridge for the first time and on the way down popped my chain - robbing me of a pedaling-free 20+mph free ride.  I turned around at a BP (where I refilled the bottles again) and headed back the last 7 miles.

I'm not going to lie - with 2 to 3 miles left I was DONE.  Had nothing left in the tank.  I still had to make it back over the bridge, and I did, somehow.  Thankfully my chain didn't pop and I coasted to the end.  It was an exhausting ride but totally worth it.  Just having the change in scenery and instead of smelling fertilizer for miles on end I was treated to ocean air and hibiscus.  It was almost as if a train full of Glade tipped over and leaked out.

A pic I took at the first stop with my iPhone.  I really like it:

Final tally: 10 22oz bottles of water, 6 of them with Nuun electrolyte tablets, peanut butter M&Ms, and a bottle of Vanilla Nesquik.  Never peed.  Sweat it all out.

I recorded the entire ride with my GoPro and will probably watch it while I'm pedaling away in the basement in January when it's snowing outside.