Pedal Another Mile

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50.36 Miles 06/12/11

After 64 miles yesterday, I wanted another long ride.  After all, I'm going to be doing 7 long rides in a row and another 40+ mile ride would help a lot.  Saturday night I decided to drink mass quantities of beer.  If I was going to do this ride today, it had the makings of a disaster with me getting dropped by the group.

The first 4 or 5 miles were not pleasant, but after that everything was good...maybe even great.  I had a pretty good ride considering I was with some of the faster riders - I was never in danger of dropping and my average HR stayed relatively low.

It was also my first time on Cemetery Hill this year.  It is impossible for me to go up this hill without dropping an F-bomb or two.  It is undoubtedly the steepest hill around here, with an 11% grade at one point.  I made it up, though.  I hate it, but it no longer frightens me.  Here's the elevation profile my GPS recorded at that section:


Basically it is 497 feet ASL to 604 feet quite quickly!