Pedal Another Mile

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64.60 Miles 06/11/11

I was determined to pass the 50 mile mark on a ride today so I decided to ride from home to Mather Woods (the JBC meeting spot) instead of drive.  This is a six mile trip one-way and regular Saturday rides are usually 40-44 miles, pretty much ensuring me of getting to that 50 mile mark.

The attendance this week was much lower than the last two, as only four of us showed up and two decided on a shorter route. leaving Jeff and I to go to Newark and back.  It was cloudy, about 60 degrees, and calm.  Pretty much perfect riding weather.  As we left Newark to head back, Jeff suggested a slightly different route out of town.  After a few miles it was obvious we missed a turn, as we were headed AWAY from Mather Woods..  I checked the map on my Garmin and we were finally back on track after a 7 or so mile detour.  Forget just passing 50 miles - I was going to get my first metric century of the year!