Pedal Another Mile

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21.02 Miles 06/09/11

Today was very different than yesterday, weather-wise.  It was cloudy, the winds had shifted to ENE, and oh yeah - it was 40 degrees colder.  95 during yesterday's ride, 55 today.  I was determined to take an easy spinning recovery ride after yesterday's vomit inducing 'overdoing it' ride.  I decided on a route with mostly crosswinds and vowed to do my best to keep my heart rate under 140 for the entire ride, or at least keep my average under that.

The 5+" of rain we received overnight had different plans.  Both of my "turn-off" roads were under water, and I wasn't about to take any chances on it's depth like I did on Memorial Day.  It was way too cold to make that mistake.  This meant a ride directly west on Caton Farm Road to Rt. 47 - which was quite nice, due to the tailwinds.  Part of me wanted to turn around at mile 6 or 7 because I knew the ride back was going to be almost directly into a cold headwind, but I kept going. 

The return ride was as expected - character building.  I'm happy I stuck it out to mile 10 headed west because a month ago I would have done anything to avoid riding back home in headwinds like this and now I was just shrugging it off as necessary.  At the risk of sounding repetitious, placing myself in these not-so-nice conditions is great prep work and a great confidence booster for RAGBRAI.

I did manage to accomplish my goal of keeping my avg HR under 140 coming in at 135.  I was only above 150 for a second or two, and even managed to keep it in check on the Caton Farm hill leading to Ridge Road in a headwind.