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24.92 Miles 06/08/11 - Pedal til ya puke

It wasn't exactly the best conditions to go for a bike ride - 95 degrees, humid, heat index over 100, strong SW winds.  But I need to be prepared for these exact conditions in Iowa.  I decided to try out a trail that I had just found out (from my friend Janet in the Bike Club) was now paved.  I figured there would be at least some trees to provide shade and block some of the wind. 

It's a GREAT 12.5 mile trail that goes from 135th street in Romeoville to Willow Springs Rd. in Willow Springs.  It's paved, crosses only one street, and very lightly used (at least on a 95 degree day).  There's a mile where it's on-street but it is extremely low traffic because it's a dead end.  It's only for the businesses on that stretch.

The ride to Willow Springs was a very quick one (an 18.4 avg).  I was sure it would drop off a lot on the return trip, heading directly into that SW wind.  Turns out I didn't let it drop off too much.  I was going all out.  Probably not the wisest thing to do on a day like this, but I was determined to break my top average spped again. 

Long story short... I did.  17.7 mph.  The last 3 miles were ridiculously tough.  My HR was maxed out the entire time.  When I got back to my truck I took one last sip of now-warm electrolyte drink and immediately puked.  After laying down a few minutes I was fine.  I just overdid it.

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