Pedal Another Mile

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42.27 Miles 06/04/11

It's June, so the Joliet Bicycle Club is back to 8am starts.  This is a good thing on a warm and humid day like today was.  The headwind to Yorkville and then to Millbrook was pretty steady, but we trudged on.  I was determined to do the Millbrook Road hill again - as it's the longest one around here.  I need hills!

Aftet that tough ride out, finishing with the big hill, it was an absolute cakewalk back to the start point.  Slight downgrade the majority of the way with 15 mph winds at our backs.  20 mph was accomplished without really pedalling.  It was wonderful (although a bit hot).  By far the longest stretch of tailwind I've had this year.

Another note about this ride is that I finished with 1,000 feet of climbing.  Hills really aren't intimidating me like last year, but the hilliness of RAGBRAI still looms in the back of my mind.