Pedal Another Mile

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11.77 & 24.15 Miles 06/01/11 - 2 for 1

Not much to say about ride #1, which I took after work at about 2:30.  Absolutely brutal west winds made it a short ride, since I knew I would be going on a new ride with the Lifetime Fitness group at 6pm.  I did have a best ever time up the Caton Farm Rd. hill to Ridge, thanks to that same wind.

Ride #2 started at a park in Naperville and ended up being 24 miles.  The wind had died down and the evening was absolutely beautiful.  This ride surprised me - ended up being another very fast pace of an average of 17mph.  It was a very nice group, too.  I look forward to joinging them again.

Ride #1:

Ride #2: