Pedal Another Mile

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41.60 Miles 05/30/11 - bicycles are not watercraft

After two days of hammering I wanted to do a recovery ride.  It was also forecast to be 90, humid, and very windy, so the earlier I started the better.  For these reasons I decided to not go on a JBC group ride - it wouldn't start until 9 and I likely didn't have the legs to keep up.

I picked a trail I had ridden before - the V.L. Gilman Trail, which starts in Montgomery and ends in Sugar Grove, 11 miles away.  I started at 8 and my plan was to do it twice for a total of 44 miles.  This trail is paved and most of it is through trees, which helped cut down the wind.  As I came to within a mile of the end, a girl riding the other way informed me the trail was flooded ahead.  As I came up to it I thought I'd do what I normally do with a trail under water.  Slow down, stop pedaling, and ride through it.  I'd get a bit wet from the tire spary but nothing too bad.  Entering the water it was exactly as I expected.  Then it got different, FAST.  It must have been in an area where the trail dips, because before I knew it the water was over my hubs and my momentum came to an immediate halt.  It was at this time I found out how difficult it is to unclip from pedals when underwater.  Down I went.  SPLASH!

I got up, picked up my bike, and trudged out of it.  I had to dry out before heading back so I took off my shoes and socks and let them sit in the sun a bit.  I stopped several people from making the same mistake I did and had a laugh or two with them.  I was upset that my 40+ mile day was likely going to end up 20 miles short unless I dried off considerably. 

Turns out on the ride back that the wind and heat did it's job, drying me off enough to do it again.  Well, I stopped before the water this time.  By the time I finished it was close to 90 and the wind had really picked up. 

This made the 3rd day in a row with over 40 miles.  Good prep for RAGBRAI.

The GoPro was set to time-lapse again (a picture every 5 seconds), so it didn't catch the crash too well, but here it is:


Ride data: