Pedal Another Mile

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22.01 Miles - 05/10/11

This lame spring jumped right into summer with a record high of 90.  I don't care - I'm so sick of cloudy 50/60 degree weather that 90 and humid is just fine with me.  Hey, RAGBRAI is the last week of July - I need to work on my riding in heat and humidity.  A few speedbumps today: I forgot my gloves.  I didn't even realize it until about 3 miles into the ride, when I shifted from the big ring to the little at too low a gear in back and popped the chain off.  So now I had grease filled hands and no gloves.  Perfect for wiping sweat off my face.  The 5mph winds I was promised were actually 15 gusting to 20, but I wasn't going to let it break me today.  I had a moment at the 5 mile mark where I wanted to turn around but then a good song came on my iphone and I kept going.  I'm glad I did.