Pedal Another Mile

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37.43 Miles 04/13/11

What the hell is it with me and dogs this year?  Today was farm dog #3 deciding to give chase.  The first one a few rides ago never really had a chance as I was hauling ass & he didn't see me until the last minute.  The next one was the ninja min-pin I wrote about last week.  Today was what looked like a Border Collie mix that was pacing me, then passed me, and then decided to rush me.  The bad part was I was in the middle of a mile-long hill, going up of course.  It came up barking, I yelled "NO!" at it three times, and it thankfully gave up.  I'm not sure what to do about this since it appears it's now a regular thing.  I have heard pepper spray, but I've also heard (and this makes sense to me) that all you'll accomplish is having the wind blow it back into your face, blinding you before you crash and get eaten.  Yelling "NO!" seems to be the way to go.  I guess a backup plan would be to stick a few hot dogs in my jersey ;).


Doggie drama aside, the weather was perfect.  Upper 60s with variable winds under 10mph.  LOVED it.  So I decided I'd ride a lot more than a usual workday.  I headed out towards Millbrook because I remember a mile-long hill from last year's group rides and I wanted to do it today.  It just happened to be the same hill the dog was on :).  I had never taken that road the other way until today but the descent was a lot of fun.  In the end, today ended up being my longest AND fastest ride of 2011 so far.  I'm not going to lie - I am wiped out from today's ride.  I really wanted to finish with a 16.0 average and two miles from home the Garmin dropped to 15.9. I gave it all I could but couldn't get it back to 16.0.  Oh well.

Somehow I now have to find the energy to stay awake for the Blackhawks first playoff game which doesn't start until 9:00 pm.