Pedal Another Mile

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12.12 Miles 04/10/11

Had a busy few days so I didn't update the blog right away.  Sunday morning, while windy, was just awesome if only for one reason - I left the house at 7:30 and it was in the mid-60s with a humid S wind.  It's the first ride of 2011 where I was able to ride with shorts and a short sleeve jersey, and I was able to do so that early! 

The ride on Caton Farm Rd on the way back was a little nerve-wracking as the winds were gusting to 30 or more and those gusts would blow me into the road a bit.  Thankfully there's barely anyone out that early out here.

Another thing - it was apparently toad mating night, but they decided the most romantic place was in the middle of roads.  I rode past no fewer than 500 squished toads in the span of a few miles.  The roads were paved with guts.