Pedal Another Mile

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22.14 Miles 04/09/11

Thursday I was going to attempt 10 miles or so in the cold wind.  My right knee had other ideas.  A little over a mile into the ride I felt a twinge in my right knee and a little discomfort.  I was tired already, it was miserable weather, and now this.  I didn't want to aggravate anything so I turned around and went home.  Friday I did under a mile to keep my #30daysofbiking streak going and rested my knee again. 

This morning I was planning on my first group ride of the year with the Joliet Bicycle Club but I awoke to t-storms.  The rain eventually cleared out but the temps were not rising as quickly as they were supposed to, so I scratched the group ride idea.  At 11am I decided to stop waiting for warmer temps and headed out in the cloudy, damp (but not raining), 55 degree weather.  At least the winds weren't bad.  The ride went very well, with a new best avg speed for 2011 (15.7mph) and most importantly - no knee pain. 

I did have one scare at about the hour mark.  I was riding down a farm road looking at my iPhone to change the playlist I was listening to, so I didn't see him.  He didn't bark, so I didn't hear him.  But before I knew it I had a ninja miniature pinscher bum-rushing me.  That little guy could keep up, too!  I had to pedal my ass to over 20 mph before he gave up.  Thanks to my GoPro, you get to watch :)

Here's the Strava info for today's ride: