Pedal Another Mile

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1.01 Miles 04/01/11

So yeah- it was my rest day, but I had just learned of 30 Days of Biking.  Sounds interesting and I figure I'll give it a shot.  This allows me to not blow it on the first day :)  Click the pic for more info.


I also wanted to try out my new tires that were delivered today.  I bought them from Performance at a pretty deep discount plus I had $35 in points to apply towards it.  They are Continental Ultra Gator Skins. 700x28.  That's down from my 700x32 cyclocross tires.  They are about half the weight of the old ones and I could tell after just that one mile that the rolling resistance is much much less, as they are a true road tire - no real tread to speak of, at least not like what I've been riding on.  Much easier to get on and off, too.  Those old tires almost needed a jackhammer to remove them - I broke two levers trying to get them off.