Pedal Another Mile

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19.12 Miles 03/29/11 + a milestone (or two)

Well the weather continues to stink, but today's ride felt good.  Much better in body & mind from the last few days.  I'm glad I decided to take a different route today than the past few days.  I like the peace of the farm roads.  I decided to go mainly north today away from home (winds were N to NE) on the "hilliest" road around here.  Avg. speed has increased again from yesterday (3rd ride in a row to do so).  

As a side note, today's ride ended with me sitting at 4,000 miles since I began cycling in April 2008 after quitting smoking, which just happened to be March 29th :)

4,000 miles

4,000 down, 20,901 to go!