Pedal Another Mile

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30.01 Miles 03/15/11


Distance Duration Avg. Speed Max Speed Avg. Cadence Avg. HR
30.01 02:02:57 14.6 23.7 81 147


Ah yes...spring-like weather. Oh how I have missed you. Sunny, upper 50s, windy but a SW wind so it doesn't feel cold. Yes, this is what I waited over four months for. Just to feel that feeling, the one where you remember that the sun can actually provide warmth, can do wonders for a mood. OK, enough gushing.

The wind was a little more than I expected it to be on the trip away from home but I really didn't seem to mind. I had it in my head that I was doing at least 20 today and no 10-20 mph headwind was going to stop that. I had a completely different attitude than yesterday. I'm just going to write off yesterday as being tired, cold, and anxious. I probably should have just rested yesterday after a very good ride Monday, but I'm stubborn. I spent most of the winter doing nothing and just want to get back in the groove quickly. Looking back, going out could have hampered my progress in the long run. I'm going to listen to my body and head in the future- if I'm not feeling it, I'm turning around. I did that yesterday, but pushed to get 10 miles. I really wanted to turn around after 1 1/2. Next time I'm going to do just that. It's the beginning of the riding season - I have time.

Anyway, back to today's ride. I felt really good. The wind was tough but once I got to the 10 mile mark (ensuring a 20 mile day) I decided that another 2.5 into the wind meant another 2.5 with it at my back on the way home. At mile 12.5 I passed a tractor going down the road when I could have drafted it for awhile. This boosted my early-season ego so I decided that another 2.5 into the wind meant another 2.5 with it at my back, and giving me a total of 30 miles for the first time this year.

I turned around at mile 15 and my GoPro camera (more on this and why I use it on regular farm road rides in a dedicated post soon) beeped furiously at me. The display said the SD card was full. Apparently I didn't read the instructions closely enough (shocking!) and didn't empty the recycle bin on my MacBook when I deleted the last file. This caused it to claim that available space. Oh well - better to learn about these things now rather than on an important ride (like RAGBRAI).

The tailwind was glorious. I ditched my arm warmers about 2 miles into the return trip and just enjoyed a terrific and quick ride back home.

I'm exhausted but it's the good feeling exhausted, not the "I'm stressed out to my limit" exhausted. Tomorrow flirts with 70 degrees but it's supposed to be a lot windier with a chance of rain. I'll see how it is and how I feel tomorrow.