Pedal Another Mile

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24.33 Miles 03/14/11

Distance Duration Avg. Speed Max Speed Avg. Cadence Avg. HR
24.33 01:39:22 14.7 23.1 81 141

Today was a bit colder than I expected it to be. With a wind coming straight out of the east, I decided to take a more north/south route from home today. My usual route is heavy on west/east and i didn't really feel like dealing with a lot of headwind on the second half. Last year a Joliet Bicycle Club ride came down a road I hadn't ridden before. Turns out it is the closest to me that has any sort of hills to speak of and the first two days of RAGBRAI are very hilly so I figured why not? Just mild rollers, but it is the hilliest choice around.

I didn't dress very well. I got back home pretty frozen from the waist down and sweating from the waist up. But that's ok- it just felt good to get another 20+ miler in just a few days after my last one. I need these cycling days to happen with more frequency, not just for getting ready for RAGBRAI but because (get used to this phrase) cycling is my Xanax.

Weather looks promising this week. I hope the forecast is correct.