Pedal Another Mile

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21.81 Miles 02/19/11

Distance Duration Avg. Speed Max Speed Avg. Cadence Avg. HR
21.81 01:39:05 13.2 19.5 74 149

The high-50s warmth that had melted the blizzard snow away had gone, but that didn't matter.  It had done it's job of removing all the snow.  Additionally. I had just picked up my bike from Performance the day before, where it got a tune-up, clean&lube, a new chain, new handlebar tape, and the cyclocross brake levers removed.  I prefer to use the standard brakes in the drops and decided it was a good time to have them removed.

Saturday was forecast to have a high near 40 with sunny skies and light winds.  I started my ride at about 9:30 and it was more like 30.  Still, having ridden in temps down to the teens early last month, it wasn't too bad.  I decided to wait for some more rain to wash off road salt and opted to do the Rock Run/Joliet Junction paved trail.  It is listed as an 18 mile loop, but about 4 of that is on the I&M Canal Trail which is crushed limestone and in no way ready to ride on this early in the year.  So I parked by the college and headed the long way around with plans to turn around at the limestone and come back. 

It took a bit to get going, and having to stop at a bunch of intersections isn't all that fun (not to mention killing my average speed), but it was good to get out and ride OUTSIDE.  I only made it a little over 10 miles before the trail ended up covered with snow and ice for as far as I could see, so I turned around.  I wasn't going to chance it, since the one patch of ice I slowly rolled over at mile 6 almost had me end up on my ass.

Some mixed precipitation is expected tonight/tomorrow and then it's supposed to get in the 40s again later in the week so I'll hopefully get out again soon.