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RAGBRAI Overnight Towns Announced

A few weeks ago the RAGBRAI organizers announced some information regarding the 2011 route, namely the overnight towns, distance, and elevation gain. The exact route isn't released until later in the spring.  The distance this year is under the average at 454.2 miles, but the first couple of days will prove a challenge for this flatlander, with day 1 seeing 4,946 feet of climb and day 2 seeing 4,798.  It appears I will have to really seek out the few hills I have around here to get ready.


The end town is Davenport, which is great news because it's only about 125 miles from home, straight west on I-80. This will allow my wife to take me there Friday night and pick me up when it's over 8 days later, negating the need to keep my truck in long-term parking all week.

Day 1 - Glenwood to Atlantic - 64.2 miles    4,946 climb
Day 2 - Atlantic to Carroll - 65.4 miles   4,798 climb
Day 3 - Carroll to Boone - 70.9 miles  1,784 climb
Day 4 - Boone to Altoona - 56.1 miles    1,246 climb
Day 5 - Altoona to Grinnell - 57.5 miles   3,294 climb
Day 6 - Grinnell to Coralville - 75.3 miles    2,800 climb
Day 7 - Coralville to Davenport - 64.8 miles    2,338 climb
Total -                                 454.2 miles   21,206 climb

The 2011 route is the 14th shortest, but the 16th hilliest (4 miles of vertical climb over the week!).  Overall it is listed as the 22nd most difficult out of 39.

More posts coming soon.  There's a hint of spring in the air the past few days, the bike is at the shop getting a tune-up, and riding season is about to really kick in!