Pedal Another Mile

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The coldest weather I have ever ridden my bike in was 37 at the start of the Pumpkin Pie Metric.  Today, after 50-something days off the bike, I decided to set two personal milestones - earliest outdoor ride of the year (previously Feb. 10th) and coldest temperature.  I looked outside to see a bright sunny day and it didn't seem anywhere near as windy as yesterday, so I checked the weather online.  Hmm.. 17 degrees.  Windchill of 17.  This meant calm.  I decided that if my winter tights fit (I put about 12 pounds on this fall/winter) that I'd give it a go.  They fit.  So I started layering like the younger brother in A Christmas Story and headed out the door, eager to get back on the bike. 

The first 1/2 mile or so wasn't bad at all.  As I turned west it was apparent that the weather report was wrong.  There was a steady 10mph SW wind that was COLD.  My glasses don't wrap-around/hug the face, so the diagonal headwind was pretty much freezing my eyeballs.  I pushed on.  It was cold enough that the Garmin's LCD display started acting up.  I pedalled on. 

Aside from the frozen eyeballs and a heart rate that rivaled that of a hamster on crystal meth, it wasn't too terrible, and dare I say the sections with a tailwind were downright pleasant!

So, my first 10 miles of 2011 are in.  2490 to go to meet my goal for the year.

Here's a pic of everything I wore today, minus the helmet. Note: If you click on the picture, then click 'view on flickr', you can see the pic with notes identifying all the items


For my next cold ride I will add another pair of gloves (and maybe even those handwarmer thingies), foot warmer thingies, and a thick wool codpiece ;)