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Guaranteeing a snow-free rest of the winter.

Although it's felt and looked like winter for weeks now, it is only two days old as I write this.  Nevertheless, I think what I did last night will guarantee that the last of the snow has fallen around here - I bought snowshoes.

I've wanted them for years but they can be quite costly, so I never gave them much of a thought.  I rented some a few times.  Then I saw that Costco was carrying a whole kit online for only $80 - the snowshoes, poles, and a carrying bag.  Compared to $150-$300 prices I've seen for just the shoes, this is a pretty good deal - too good to be true.  Oh there it is - they did not have my size available to purchase.  The past week I checked the site at least 3x a day to no avail.  But last night they were available!  I immediately ordered them.  Good thing, because as of this morning they are out of stock again.   Also, if I don't like them for some reason I can just take them back at any time (yay Costco!). 

So, in 7-10 days they will be on my doorstep, and the snow will cease to fall until next November.