Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Started P90X Yesterday. Ouch.

Well winter is here and I doubt I'll be riding anymore, so I decided it was finally time to try P90X.  It's structured, something I need badly in order to keep with it, and at the very least I'll get/keep in shape over the winter.  There's a lot of core work in P90X as well, and I'm hoping that will help my riding next year.

Yesterday was Day 1 - Chest & Back, followed by Ab Ripper X.  My upper-body has gotten pretty damn weak and boy did it show.  I haven't worked upper-body muscles in well over a year. I 'm not discouraged that I couldn't keep up (20 decline pushups? how about 5?)  - it's Day 1 and as long as I keep at it I'll improve. 

I'm sore, but that may be a combination of P90X and doing the 6 hour long Wild Cave Tour at Mammoth Cave National Park over the weekend.  I'll post about that soon, when I have more time.


Today is Plyometrics, or jump training.  I've read horror stories about this one, and my knees are still sore from spelunking, so I'm a little worried.  Eh - I'll get through it.