Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Not a bad followup day

Last night Billy Jo had a 30 minute bout with severe nausea. A zofran helped take care of it. Kind of a yucky end to a good day, but it wasn't enough to ruin it by any means.

Today she did fairly well, considering all the activity of yesterday. Overnight and early this morning she started making a new noise - not a yelp like previously buy more like a whimper.She slept until about noon and tried to eat a few things - a little bit of a muffin and even a spoon or two of mac and cheese that she cooked herself!. Day two with no diarrhea so that is very welcome news.

As I said in the last post, her mom came over to keep her company while I went on my bike ride. Once I got back she swept up and cleaned downstairs :). Thanks mama - we love you.

Aside from that I took a nap after my bike ride. I really zonked myself out on that ride, but I am glad I went.

My doctor appointment went ok. I'm down 26 pounds from early September. My BP was 118/90 after three weeks on BP meds. This is down from 155/96 so it's a good start. He upped the dosage on my anxiety meds and gave me two new meds to help with my increasing migraines. He doesn't think they are anything to be concerned about long-term, as he thinks they are entirely stress related. All things considered he thinks I am hanging in there ok.

Not much else to post today - I'm beat, but it's a good feeling, not the terrible exhaustion I've grown accustomed to.

Good night, everyone.