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Breaking Awesome

As the last post stated - she did it :). She got out and felt normal for a few hours. She liked the movie. I am so happy it went well and she had a good time. Big thanks to Jackie and Karen for taking good care of her.

She was up at 7:00am, before I was, to try and get an indication of how she was going to feel. She decided it was all systems go. It was agreed upon that we weren't going to take any chances and she'd go in the wheelchair. She hit the pain button, just in case, took a zofran, just in case, and they were off to the show.

I cried a few tears of joy this afternoon. They feel so much better than the other kind. I am so glad she was able to do this. It was a big deal. After how the past few days have been I didn't think it was going to happen, but it did. She was thankful to me for "letting" her go. I told her I was supportive of whatever she thought was best, but I tasked Jackie and Karen with really making sure she was ok and that she wasn't bullshitting them.

As I type this at 6:22 she's still awake, and hasn't napped. So it's been almost 12 hours awake for her.

The nurse came today and some other stuff to post (including my doctor visit) but fuck writing about all that stuff - it can wait for tomorrow. I'm better than I was yesterday - that's all I need to say about me today.

Today was a good day.