Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Another coaster day

Another day another result. Billy Jo slept and was in pain enough to use the button 11 times in 24 hours. She woke up about 1:00pm just before the massage therapist came over. At times, Patty was applying very little pressure yet it still sent Billy Jo into a lot of pain. When it was all over, she said it did help her a bit, so that's good. After that, the nurse came back to change the dilaudid cartridge and take vitals again.

Here's the events from the nurse visit:

  • BP was back to normal
  • Breathing was back to 12x per minute
  • Pulse was higher than normal...over 100
  • Her left leg is beginning to swell from edema again. Sonofabitch. I hope it doesn't get as bad as when she just came back home. It happening again can't be good, but at this point we all know the outcome. What I am worried about is it got so bad back then that it caused her a lot of pain. I hope she's spared that this time.

The nurse left and soon thereafter Billy Jo felt like she had to poop again. This is the first time she's had that feeling since last Friday's mass exodus. She sat and tried and didn't get anywhere so we tried a suppository. In less than two minutes Billy Jo had an enormous explosion of diarrhea again. A lot of it. Ten minutes later it happened again. A lot of it.

Where this came from is baffling. She hasn't eaten enough in the last six weeks to generate this. For instance, today was some tea and a sip or two of chocolate milk (both afterwards). Yesterday was three potato chips and one "mini muffin" of about 35 calories. Monday was one "mini muffin and one bite of pumpkin bread. I don't think she ate anything at all Sunday.

The amount of shit that came out of her today is like she hit every dish at a Chinese Buffet where all the coolers were broken for a week and the meat was undercooked. I am confused and concerned. Confused as to what is causing it, and concerned because it took a LOT out of her again. She's still awake which is good, but is hesitant to hit the pain button because she's still got a nauseous feeling. I just gave her a zofran, we're going to wait five minutes, and hit the button and hope she can tolerate it.

OK I gave it five minutes and she's complaining about abdomen pain (in the tumors area) and just fell asleep on me. I did not press the button. I only do that when she tells me to. I timed her breathing. Seven times a minute. Hmm. Looks like it may be one of those nights.


She's awake again. Still beat up, but trying the best she can.

I have a screaming headache. It was a dull one all day that has now escalated to what they clinically refer to as "a real doozy". Other than the headache I am ok but tired, just taking it hour by hour, hoping to not get any worse emotionally. So far, so good.