Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Memories - mostly good, one incorrect.

Auntie Julie, Billy Jo's mom (mama Debbie), and us spent the entire day together. Of course, Billy Jo was up before 8:00 - I told Julie beforehand that there was no way she was sleeping in today. I figure when I leave at noon tomorrow to take Julie to the airport that Billy Jo will sleep for a few days.  She's still up, so it's another 12 hour day for her. She's been doing pretty good. - no poop nightmares today of either variety. She ate a bit of cereal this morning and a few bites of pasta this afternoon. This morning I went to the basement and grabbed a giant plastic tub full of photographs from before digital cameras. Oh, how I love digital pictures - they take up a lot less space. Anyway, we spent several hours looking through years and years of pics. I scanned another 50+ and spent another 4 or 5 hours working on the slideshow. It's over 30 minutes now, but will loop continuously during the service. We are still deciding on a few songs and there's still a lot of fine tuning I must do because I refuse to read instructions, but it's really coming along good.

We also tried to figure out how to complete something we haven't gotten done yet - the "biography" section of her obituary. Seriously, what can you write in a single paragraph about someone's life? If anyone has any ideas let us know, because she's right now leaning towards not having that section, other than to say she battled cancer for 17 years.

Speaking of which, going through thousands of pictures today I discovered that I have been wrong on when this nightmare started. I was certain her first operation was in February of 1995. I've been telling new doctors, co-workers, friends, family, EVERYONE, this nightmare began in February of 1995. Guess what? Her surgery was in February of 1996, not 1995. We came across this picture in that tub:

Holy shit. You repeat something over and over and over for years and it becomes certain fact. I told her I was sorry that I've been wrong all these years, and when she wrote how many years she's lived with cancer that we were a year off because of it. Then I decided to backtrack and stated that certainly the tumor was growing since 1995, so she's still lived with it over 17 years. That's what I meant. Yeah. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it :) . I also have some editing to do on some of the book pages I've written. Thankfully it hasn't gone to the printer yet! ;)

OK, it's after 8:00 and she's still up, and I told her that I'm giving her until 9:00 before I give her the knockout punch meds. Curfew doesn't apply today.