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Insomnia, Bacon Cheeseburgers, and International Visitors

I woke up at 1:00 am to give Billy Jo her methadone. I remained awake until 3:30. I slept really well from 9 until 1 but after that I couldn't shut off my mind. I tossed, turned, read some of a book, tossed and turned some more, before finally getting back to sleep. I'm still having a hard time dealing with all of this at times, and today it decided to be from 1-3:30 am.

Then I was up at 6am. At 7:30 I called our pension offices to see why Billy Jo's first disability check had not arrived yet (it was supposed to be here the 2nd or 3rd). Turns out there was some "issues" that they never made us aware of, which caused the check to not be cut. After a few phone calls it seems to be straightened out and the check will be here in the next few days.

Billy Jo was up at 7:15 thanks to a "meowing so the neighbors could hear him" Shadow. The nurse came at 10:30 and changed the dilaudid pack. Other than that it has been a day of laying around and napping for both of us - the lack of sleep really hit me hard, and she was up four or five hours earlier than normal. I went to drop off some prescription refills at Target and brought back a bacon cheeseburger from Culvers for her. She ate about half the patty and ALL of the bacon :). She also had a bite or two of pumpkin pie that our neighbor Candace made for us.

Billy Jo said she's had a bit of side/abdomen pain today and actually hit the pain button. I'm glad she didn't just shrug it off.

In other news, I am continued to be blown away by the number of people visiting this site. October saw exactly 4,000 unique visitors. I'm amazed by that number. Here's some more info:

The site has been visited 25,000 times in less than two months.

Countries that have visited the site:

There have been visits from 46 states (Alaska, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Wyoming being the exceptions). Thanks to everyone who reads these posts. Thanks for keeping Billy Jo and I in your thoughts and prayers. They really mean a lot. It helps us knowing that we are as far from alone in this as possible.

Tomorrow's post is going to be a special one. We received a package from Auntie Julie in the mail today, and explaining it will be better tomorrow, with pictures and video.