Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

All things considered...

it was another "good" day for Billy Jo, until right before bedtime. She was up at noon (1pm - boo standard time) and we had some visitors but also a few in between times where she was able to nap. She was much more tired than yesterday, but after being up 9 hours yesterday it was bound to happen. I made her some more buttered noodles for dinner which ended up not sitting too well with her. She was complaining of a little burning in her stomach. She had a few zofran today to get through it.  As she was getting ready for bed she felt like she was actually going to vomit. Another zofran and we cut back the eight pills she takes to the four she absolutely needs to take. Vomit averted. She's out cold now, since about 6:45.

Thanks to FaceTime my 96 year old grandmother (who is for all intents and purposes homebound) got to video chat with Billy Jo today. We were thinking about getting her here, but she was scared of the trip and of falling again, and our family decided the best way to go about it was technology! I think it was a good thing and worked out well - I could tell gram was happy to be able to see her.

Yesterday, Debbie (Billy Jo's mom for those of you that don't know) came over and decided that since we don't know how much time we had left, decided to accelerate the holidays. She was going to bring Portillo's for our Thanksgiving feast until seeing Brian and Stacy in the parking lot there, who were bringing the food. Anyway, we all dined on our Thanksgiving feast and then she busted out the Christmas presents. I got some lotion and Billy Jo got a Treasure Chest Guardian Angel and a three-wick candle. Billy Jo told her mom "if you don't think I'm going to make it to Thanksgiving why buy me such a big candle?!?"  That's just Billy Jo - joking about something inappropriate at her own expense. We all had a laugh. Her mom replied "well then I hope Dave likes how it smells!"

Then the next gift came out. Mom has been doing her homework. She noticed I've been letting our fish tank go to hell lately - it's quite dirty. She went and talked to a guy at Petco and bought us a pretty good sized Plecostomus - a sucker fish. He immediately got to work but has spent today sleeping on the job, upside down in the shipwreck. Mom has decided the fish's name is Hope. Sounds good to me

It was a very touching thing she did, and I know it was hard for her to do. I am very thankful she did it. Sad? Of course, but we found a way to make it a happy, memorable experience. Thanks mama - we love you.

Oh yeah, Billy Jo read my "Just in Case" blog entry and now every time I ask her how she's doing when she opens her eyes she replies with "I love you" :)