Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Just in Case

Aside from the 20 minute nurse visit this morning, Billy Jo slept until about 4:30. She stayed in bed for visitors until about 6ish, when she came down for about 45 minutes. We then went back upstairs and watched live hockey! OK- it was AHL, the Wolves vs the Ice Hogs, but it was still live hockey. She was awake for some of it, but kept nodding off, due to tiredness but especially the meds.

She didn't eat much today - a few spoons of buttered noodles and a couple cheetos. She did poop TWICE today, small but still something. Right before going to sleep for tonight she was complaining that her stomach was burning, so I gave her a Zofran.

Although the nurse said her BP, pulse, and breathing were normal, I still made sure that every time today she had her eyes open that I told her I loved her. I really don't know what to expect here on out, nor do I know how slowly or quickly it will be. Maybe this is just a bad few days. Maybe not. I just want to make sure the last thing she hears before she goes to sleep every time is that I love her.

Just in case.