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Scary becomes Not-So-Scary

It's Halloween. I think if it weren't for that and the fact that the hospice massage therapist came at 1:30, Billy Jo wouldn't have gotten out of bed today. She had a very rough overnight/morning. Enough discomfort and pain to use the button on the pain pump a few times. Sleeping at about a 45 degree angle. Lots of "dreaming out loud" and yelping. She looked like someone in hospice should, and that was a bit unsettling.

Aside from not eating and sleeping a lot more, she's seemed like "normal Billy Jo" most of the time. It sometimes works against people, including me. It's hard to process what's going to happen when she seems so "normal" at times.

I usually get up and come downstairs at 7am after giving her methadone. Today I was concerned enough to get back in bed. I basically watched her sleep until 10am, and which point I just couldn't "take it" anymore. She was obviously not having a good sleep, and at times it showed on her face. It was too hard for me to keep watching her like that. I turned on the baby monitor and went downstairs.

As I said, she woke up at 1:30 when the massage therapist came over. After that, she got up and got moving. An hour or so later the trick-or-treaters started showing up. Most of the time Billy Jo was stuck working until 8pm on Halloween, so she happily donned her new black skull hat and Goonies shirt and handed out candy the whole afternoon.

Trick-or-Treating stops at 6pm in our town, so we gave Lena's son the rest of the candy, shut off the light, and shut the door. Billy Jo is wiped out, but she was up and down for three hours and walking to and from the door. Add to that an overall shitty 16 hours preceding this and it's no wonder. We will go upstairs in another 30 minutes or so, just to make sure Wrigley doesn't launch off the bed from a late doorbell ring.

No puking or pooping, and no eating at all today.

To close today's post, here's a pic of Billy Jo, Lena as a skunk, and Wrigley, who got herself and Lena's dogs skunked 5 or 6 weeks ago at Lena's house.