Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

Up and running

My webhost shit the bed yesterday and today. Unfortunately, Billy Jo didn't. Well, you know what I mean. 

Everything *seems* ok. The notification by text message feature might be broken. I don't know if the email summaries or the twitter, or rss feeds are broken (yet). 

Anyway, here's basically what I posted yesterday to Facebook:

Billy Jo has been very tired all day, dozing on and off. We have been taking it easy. Dog woke us both up at 6:30 and we moved downstairs where we napped almost solidly until 1:00 pm. She's had bouts of nausea off and on all day and only had a chocolate milk in terms of food. We've been keeping ahead of the nausea with zofran.

That's about where we were at yesterday. Nauseous, but at no time did she vomit. She did complain of pain once asleep and asked me to push the pain button for her, so I did. Her snoring sounded like old Billy Jo snoring so no need for me to call :)

Today, she slept until about 11:00 and was in some discomfort from pressure in her abdomen. It settled down after a while. She ate a few spoons of coco wheats this morning and just got through a few bites of a grilled cheese. While she had some visitors I went into work to take a few boxes of completed work and get some more to bring home. It was good to see everyone, and good to clear up some things around my office.

I'm tired - I was up until 3am freaking out at the thought that the last two weeks of posts were gone forever. Then up again at 6:30. It's going to be an early night for me. And yes - I am backing up every post from now on - if the site blows up again, at least I'll have all of the posts. There's no way I could have written many of these again. I type what I feel at the time.