Pedal Another Mile

Bicycling, death, life after death.

OK I called

I was going to wait an hour but a few people on FB made sense and said to call for my own sanity.

He said not to worry. It is likely due to pure exhaustion. I also gave her her nighttime meds early since she wanted to go to sleep earlier than when she gets them, so that may have contributed. As for the constant sounds, he asked me to reposition her gently and see what happens. It took me over a minute to wake her - she was OUT out. I explained to her that I called and what he said. She said ok. Then she got up to pee. So I woke her up woke her up :/
He said the jerkiness is probably narcotic related and not to worry about that. He also doesn't know what the yelping is, but it's probably dream-related. I asked her if she was hurting and if she wanted me to push the button when she did that and she said no - she'd wake up if the pain got bad enough to push it.
She pushed it again and has fallen right back asleep. The constant sound has stopped, so it was simply a new snoring frequency for her.
Translation: I'm such a fucking mess today I called after-hours hospice because she was snoring.
Someone stop me before I call because she's sitting on the toilet and some yellow water is coming out of her.