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An already bad night's sleep

OK, quick second post. I can't sleep despite being tired and taking a Xanax, so I've been working on the book a bit.

Billy Jo is not sleeping peacefully right now. She isn't tossing and turning, but she is breathing really strangely (although constantly and in rhythm). It's like a snoring noise I've never heard out of her. Also, every so often she "yelps" out like she's in pain. I woke her once and asked if she was in pain. She mumbled she was laying on the IV tubing clamp wrong and it hurt her. She asked me to hit the pain button. She's not laying on it now yet still occasionally yelps out. She's also making involuntary jerking movements too. She woke up again once and I asked her if she was feeling ok and she said she was.

The twitchiness I've seen before a little bit but not to this extent. The yelping out and the strange "snoring" sounds are new. The only missing thing is the talking in her sleep, but that usually happens in the morning.

I hate to call after-hours hospice care and have her woken up because of it. I wonder if it's just because she's so exhausted and this is how her snoring will sound now. I know the tumors are getting far enough up to having to be occasionally messing with her diaphragm.

Just sharing and thinking out loud. If it keeps up or gets worse and I can't sleep because I'm freaked out, I'll call. If I do I hope she doesn't get mad at me for it.